ProfitMagnifier is a Web-enabled profitability executive dashboard, a business development tool for branch managers, a portfolio management tool for loan officers, and a database-marketing tool for marketers.

Why ProfitMagnifier Is Unique
Easy to Use
Profitability software is typically very complex and can only be used by a cost accounting specialist.
ProfitMagnifier is so easy to use that it can be used by anyone!

Easy to Install
Profitability software is typically installed by the Finance and IT departments.  It can take a year or longer to install the software.
ProfitMagnifier is installed for you!  It takes about 6 weeks from receipt of good data to have the system up and running.

Easy to Maintain
Profitability software is typically maintained by the Finance and IT departments.  It can take several days each month to maintain the software.
ProfitMagnifier is maintained for you!  Each month we process and audit your data using the highest quality control industry best practices.

Easy to Distribute
Profitability software is typically housed in the Finance department and is a standalone system.
ProfitMagnifier is web-enabled can be used by every department!

Easy to Integrate
Profitability software is typically constrained to use only data from your core.
ProfitMagnifier is very flexible and can be integrated with multiple sources of data outside your core!

Easy to Purchase
Profitability software is typically purchased before users can see the results.
ProfitMagnifier is initially set up as a demonstration system using your data at no cost to you so you can try it out!

Easy to Afford
Profitability software is typically very expensive.
ProfitMagnifier is very affordable!

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